Friday Favorites: Beauty and the Beast, Meal Planning Tips, & Why We Wear Green on St. Paddy’s Day

Friday Favorites

Happy St. Paddy’s Day, y’all! Who’s got plans to hit the pub tonight for a goblet of green beer? I wish I could say I did, but in a moment of sacrificial stupidity, I decided to give up alcohol for Lent this year. Sigh. Oh well, I’ll just have to live vicariously through your holiday-inspired Insta feeds! (Tag us!) In other news, a few links we’re loving this week:

Everyone’s talking about how amazing the new Beauty and the Beast is! I’ve got tickets for tomorrow, and I CANNOT WAIT.

Not a huge fan of heart-pumping cardio? Try walking for 45 minutes a day instead.

This hilarious spoof of the “BBC Dad” video is spot on.

Travel lovers: I give you, 15 jobs you can do from absolutely anywhere (provided you have internet access).

I need this dress! In every color, please.

A few meal planning tips for those attempting the Whole30. (My dad’s halfway there, and I’m SO proud of him!) If you recall, I didn’t get that far…

This gorgeous Quebec wedding is straight out of a fairytale.

Since I can’t partake in the green beer tradition this year, I’ll definitely be making a decadent green dessert instead.

This super easy DIY project would make an adorable and savvy addition to any office!

Why do we associate St. Patrick’s Day and Ireland in general with the color green? This interesting article has the answer.

Have a relaxing weekend,

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